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EP 185 | Shawn Edwards


The Critics Choice Association will present the annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television on Monday, Dec 6 at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel LA.

Since 2014, the Celebration of Black Cinema has honored standout achievements in Black filmmaking.

This year, for the first time, the awards ceremony will also celebrate achievements in television.

Our guest, as in the past 3 years,  is Shawn Edwards, Executive Producer. He’s based in Kansas City.

I rode the movie junket buses with Shawn for many years – to and from screenings and after-parties.

Shawn was always talking about this dream he had.  To celebrate Black filmmaking and cinema.

As the world around us changed (BLM) the celebration changed from fantasy to fact.

And here we are Year Four.  Honorees include:

Halle Berry, Anthony Anderson, Barry Jenkins, Jennifer Hudson, Antoine Fuqua

Plus Will Smith, Ruth Negga, and many more.

The broadcast can be seen on KTLA-TV Los Angeles (which is available on many cable providers across Canada)

#criticschoice #celebrateblackcinema

The Critics Choice Association is the largest critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing almost 500 media critics and entertainment journalists. It was established in 2019 with the formal merger of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, recognizing the intersection between film, television, and streaming content. For more information, visit:

EP 184 | Stevie Van Zandt pt2


Who, what and when was the “Big Bang” of Popular music?

Who changed rock into an  “art form” in 1965 and with what song?

What songs did Steve suggest to close the Sopranos?

How much did Sopranos change his life?

What does Steve consider the world’s “universal music” and who is the star of that music?

All those opinions and lots more from Steve van Zandt are included in his new autobiography Unrequited Infatuations.

It’s a great read.

We all know about growing up pals with Bruce Springsteen and forming the E Street Band but this book reveals all of the other stories and events that shaped not only his life but in no small part the history of the World. (Think of  his single  Sun City and the dismantling of Apartheid government in South Africa and the release of Nelson Mandela)

Steve van Zandt is in the Rock Hall of Fame. Frankly, he’s a human Rock Hall.

He’s an actor and an activist, a musician, and a mentor. He’s Miami Steve van Zandt and this is his story Part two

EP 183 | Stevie Van Zandt pt1



Little Steven

Miami Steve Van Zandt

Silvio Dante (Sopranos)

Frankie The Fixer Tagliano (Lilyhammer)

Steve is every one of those guys and a lot more.

He turns 71 on Nov 22nd and celebrates the release of his new autobiography Unrequited  Infatuations.

Steve and Bruce Springsteen found each other because they both really weren’t interested in going to school but both did have guitars and a keen sense that that was the road they wanted to walk. Steve played in  Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band. It all came together when he became a permanent member of The E Street band in 1975 just in time for The Born to Run album and tour. From musician and performer, he became a songwriter, arranger, producer, actor, director, Broadway producer, TV and film composer, activist, teacher, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( now is very much a part of the committee that decides future nominees). Last but not least, he’s one of the World’s most knowledgeable authorities on the history of rock and roll. He also created two radio shows that became singular channels on Sirius – Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Outlaw Country.

He formed his own label Wicked Cool Records. Stevie also leads his large solo band The Disciples of Soul

Perhaps his finest moment?  In 1985 he forms United Artists Against Apartheid and released Sun City a song protesting the Apartheid system in the South African resort Sun City. Over 50 artists were involved. It leads to the removal of Apartheid and the release from the jail of Nelson Mandela.

Here’s a link to all of these events and a staggering list of all the others.  It makes you instantly want to read the story of his life. That’s what Unrequited Infatuations is all about.

This is part one of our conversation.  We start with the early roots of rock and roll and the beginnings of  Bruce and The E Street Band. What happened to the sounds of rock records in the ’70s and why after leaving Bruce’s E Street Band his first thought was  “I thought my life was OVER”

Read the book – you’ll realize his life  had just begun. Enjoy!

Part Two next Week

EP 182 | Dan Mangan-All Together Now


I did my first interview with Dan Mangan years ago on a hot and dusty day at the Calgary Folk Festival. Had never met him or heard him perform.

He was one of half a dozen interviews I was scheduled to do.  I started with the lame opening of…

Please tell our at-home audience your real name.

“I’m Dan.  Dan MAN-GAN”

I was hooked. My kind of guy.

Dan Mangan

Many years later,  The Dusty Dan of the folk festival has become a winner of 2 Juno Awards.  Each tour has gathered more and more fans around the World.

EP’s, albums, tours, festivals, film scoring, co-creating Side Door Access, and full-on family guy.

Now comes the latest project! A beautifully crafted concert documentary by Amazing Factory called, All Together Now, recorded at his homecoming concert in 2019 at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

It’s unlike any other concert film you might have seen. There’s a sense of truth, honesty, and clarity in every song. Pure MAN-GAN.

And best of all   I still see “the guy” behind the songs. Dusty Dan.

EP 181 | Colin James


November 5th Colin James releases his 20th studio album Open Road.

Colin found a way to write and record music during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Gather your music friends and create.

Colin co-wrote and made music with pals Tom Wilson (Toronto) & Colin Linden (Nashville) Both are members of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Craig Northey (Vancouver) From Odds.

He also reimagined covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Albert King, Tony Joe White, and Otis Rush.

Colin is a road warrior. The road is his second home.

He’s back on it right now on Vancouver Island and then works his way through to double dates in Alberta. March finds him opening for Buddy Guy in the USA and playing on Austin City Limits.

 Check out the Zoom Interview here!

This is the complete interview  – with four tracks from Open Road.

Tour dates found here:

EP 180 | Jr. Gone Wild


Guest is Founder of Jr Gone Wild – Original member Mike McDonald

The band was founded in Edmonton in 1982.

They recorded their first album, Less Art More Pop, in 1986.

Junior won an Alberta Recording Industry Award for best rock band in 1994.

They recorded several albums, leading up to Simple Little Wish, which was released in early 1995. The band broke up later that year.

Jr. Gone Wild reformed in 2013 and played a reunion show that was a wild success and the band started to perform live again and re-released their debut album Less Art More Pop!

From 1983-1995, Jr. Gone Wild helped introduce Canada to a new musical genre, alternative country. Over the course of five acclaimed albums, the Edmonton, Alberta band fused elements of folk and rock with a punk attitude, while building a devoted fan base through epic live shows. Now, after 25 years, original members Mike McDonald (guitars/vocals), Steve Loree (lead guitar), and Dave “Dove” Brown (bass) have reunited with McDonald’s nephew Quinton Herbert on drums for the really good Still Got The Jacket.

Our guest and original member Mike McDonald brings the stories from all those years. Plus four tracks from the album which is released November 12th.

Dodge -Behind the Wheel – Girl in the crowd – Fly at Night!

Junior are doing a family-friendly acoustic show on November 20 in Edmonton The Starlight Room with Forbidden Dimension etc It’s free but you have to get a ticket online, the rules man. Please invite your friends and family. It’s the same day as their  album release show and they  want all their friends with kids to have a chance to hear them  and get a little Jr. Gone Wild t-shirt

Hi Calgary, there are still a few tables for Jr Gone Wild  Sunday, November 21st. It’s an album release show at the Ironwood but they are going fast so they have added a second matinee show.

Jr Gone Wild – November 21 at 2:00 and at 7:45

Their  good buddy Boots Graham will open both shows with his lonely guitar.

EP 162 | Leeroy Stagger-Dystopian Weekends 


Hello all:

As I explained when this show first ran in June – I jumped the gun BY MONTHS.

This Summer, I was so eager to let music fans hear Leeroy’s interview and new music, I completely forgot about the release date in October!!!

A senior moment to be sure.

It was supposed to come out in December 2020 which is why there are several Christmas songs included.

Here’s a comment from Amplify Music magazine:

 Despite a delayed release date, cancelled tours and a few more COVID-induced bumps along the way, Leeroy Stagger’s 12th full-length album Dystopian Weekends is available now on all digital streaming platforms. To celebrate the release of the album, Leeroy will perform 2 Dystopian Weekends livestream shows on November 6th and 7th through Side Door Access. Get more information and tickets here.

“Touring is so up in the air right now,” says Leeroy. “I had a burning desire to play these songs with a band, and my bandmates Tyson and Ryland happened to be in town for a few days so we got everyone together, including Nick on the drums and a few new friends to play the Dystopian Weekends material. I think the fans will enjoy it.”

Dystopian Weekends contains songs of environmental degradation, greedy land developers, Christmas songs about junkies and alcoholics, songs about race wars in America, modern day dust bowl songs of fleeing political ideology, break-up songs, and songs honouring dead friends. It all seems a bit much on paper, but Leeroy’s skillful song writing and musicianship have honoured it all in a very beautiful, relevant, and artistic way.

EP 179 | Adrian Sutherland


When The Magic Hits is Adrian Sutherland’s debut solo album.

The first single Magic Hits was written by Adrian along with previous collaborators, brothers Chris & Matt Gormley.

Seven tracks on the album were produced, engineered, and mixed by Canadian-born Colin Linden, who worked remotely from Nashville while Adrian remained isolated in northern Attawapiskat First Nation. Colin lent his legendary guitar talents and back-up vocals to the tracks, helping bring Adrian’s songs to life with a whole new depth of heart and soul.

Two album tracks were produced, engineered, and mixed by Tim Vesely at The Woodshed Studio in Toronto. Adrian worked remotely with Vesely, who plays guitar and bass on the recordings.

When The Magic Hits features co-writes with Chris Gormley (The Trews) and Matt Gormley (Daylight for Deadeyes), Tim Vesely (Rheostatics), Colin Cripps (Blue Rodeo), Jay Semko (The Northern Pikes), Scott Dibble (Hemingway Corner), and Serena Ryder.

Adrian is far removed from studios and handy technology. People who live in the North need to be very resourceful. Just like Adrian.

He got a Sea Can donated. The same large metal containers that ship products by rail and sea all over the World.

He outfitted the inside into a recording studio. And instead of satellite dishes on the roof, he put a forest of moose antlers.

Other communities and artists

The songs are really well written, sung, and recorded. Smart to have Colin Linden pulling the whole thing together from Nashville.

Adrian walks us through several of the songs from When the magic hits. They include Nowhere to run which he wrote about his Mother who survived being sent to Indian Residential School. Another is Walk with me about walking with a friend around the entire shore of James Bay. A long and very hard journey.

When asked, Adrian leaves us with an invite to check out his music – in Cree.

Discover a great new voice. Adrian Sutherland!!

EP 178 | Bahamas


This is, I believe, the 4th interview I’ve had the pleasure of doing with Afie Jurvanen!

From the very first listen I heard a unique and gifted singer and songwriter.

Blessed with a voice that is like no other and a great personality that allows him to make fun of himself – in song.

Ah but what songs.

Get prepared to love the songs you love -even more.  Imagine the confidence it takes to create music with some of the world’s best musicians but doing it long distance in separate studios.

Best of all this is just Volume 1.  The rest of these sessions may set my hair on fire.

Afie takes us through several tracks. How they got recorded and best of all his place in today’s music.


Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen) is currently in New York City  on his American Sad and Solo Tour and Friday Oct 8 he released highlights from his celebrated Live To Tape studio collaboration series in the form of digital EPs and a special vinyl edition.
The first digital EP, Live To Tape, Volume Ihighlights the Nashville sessions. Featuring performances with Grammy Award winners The 400 Unit, and The Secret Sisters backed by legendary Nashville musicians Gene Chrisman (Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson), Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Sturgill Simpson), and Russ Pahl (Kacey Musgraves, Glen Campbell).

Created during the pandemic, Live To Tape captures Bahamas performing in-studio from Halifax, Nova Scotia with acclaimed artists performing remotely from studios in Nashville, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, and other locations. Other collaborations with Bahamas include Lucius, Australia’s Teskey BrothersMadison CunninghamGreensky Bluegrass, members of Dawes along with revered session musicians such as Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder), Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Gus Seyffert (Beck, Adele), Joey Waronker (REM, Atoms for Peace), Bob Glaub (Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan), Russ Kunkel (Joni Mitchell, John Lennon) and many more.
The Globe and Mail have called Bahamas an unassuming giant” of Canadian music, averaging over 3.5 million regular monthly listens on Spotify alone, with more than half a billion streams to date.

His most recent release Sad Hunk received the 2021 JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year. A seven-time JUNO nominee, Jurvanen also received this accolade for Bahamas Is Afie in 2015, when he was also named Songwriter Of The Year.

“I Got You Babe” by BAHAMAS & The 400 UNIT []

EP 177 | Whitehorse


Last Saturday I had Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet – Whitehorse – on Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio.

We shook the place up “real good” but this is the complete interview. Room for both Melissa and Luke to expand on the “Happy Hour Live”  experience from their living room during the lockdown.

They walk and talk us through their new album Strike Me Down and then we get really specific about

“what is Rock and Roll now”?

What is the new album in January?

Are you playing Massey Hall?

Tour dates in 2022?