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EP 235 | Rarities – Bruce Cockburn. A life in Music


Two Words. Bruce Cockburn.

Having sold more than nine million albums worldwide, acclaimed songwriter, performer, author, and activist Bruce Cockburn is a member of both the Canadian Songwriter and Canadian Music Hall of Fame, a winner of Folk Alliance’s People’s Voice Award, as well 13 JUNO Awards.

Bruce  Cockburn has written almost 400 songs. Released 34 albums over a 50 year span. Who better to gather up his rarities and present them as partners with his hits? The man has rarities.

His new album RARITIES  contains music for a film (Going down the Road)

Music honoring Mississippi John Hurt, Kenji Miyazawa, William Hawkins, Gordon Lightfoot, Pete Seeger, Mississippi Sheiks, etc.

Unreleased demos and music for benefits.

AND  many stories.,

It’s basically a mini-history of Bruce Cockburn’s place in Canadian music.

We also talk about his next new album – O Sun O Moon ( May).

His Tour dates through Canada in February

And his connection to Joni Mitchell.


Bruce Tour Dates

Feb 2 – Royal Victoria

Feb 4 – Centre Theatre Vancouver

Feb 5 – Community Theatre Kelowna

Feb 6 – Singer Calgary

Feb 8 – Winspear Edmonton



Mulligan Stew Dec 10th 2022- Special Guest, Bruce Cockburn and new album ‘RARITIES’


Bruce  Cockburn has written almost 400 songs. Released 34 albums over a 50-year span. Who best to gather up his rarities and present them as partners with his hits? The man has rarities.

His new album RARITIES  contains music for a film (Going down the Road)

Music honoring Mississippi John Hurt, Kenji Miyazawa, William Hawkins, Gordon Lightfoot, Pete Seeger, Mississippi Sheiks, etc.

Unreleased demos and music for benefits.

Also many stories.,

It’s basically a mini-history of Canadian music.

We also talk about his next new album – O Sun O Moon ( May).

His Tour dates through Canada in February

And his connection to Joni Mitchell.

Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast

Sam Cooke in an RCA Recording Studio in Los Angeles, circa 1959.

We also remember the lives and music of  Rick Danko, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding!


Mulligan Stew. Guest is Bruce Cockburn new album RARITIES CKUA
Stage Fright The Band Stage Fright
Acadian Driftwood (live) The Band The Last Waltz
Unfaithful Servant The Band The Band
TDMulligan playlist at the mulligan stew website Guest – Bruce Cockburn
Sweetbread Bonny Light Horseman Someone to weep for me
Wasted on you Andy Shauf single
The Stew Year 27 Tonight – Bruce Cockburn details on mulligan stew website
All Blues Dylan Triplett Who is he?
Might as well be me Larkin Poe Blood Harmony
When I call you name The Bros. Landreth & Mariel Buckley Something New. Something Blue
This is The Stew Bruce Cockburn Interview Tonight playlist – mulligan stew website
Dock of the Bay Otis Redding Dock of the Bay
Turn you loose Otis Redding Greatest Hits
Coyotes Banff Winter Special on until Friday night Coming UP – Bruce Cockburn Interview
I’m moving on Van Morrison Moving on Skiffle
Goodbye Jimmy Reed Bob Dylan Rough and rowdy ways
NEXT – Bruce Cockburn brings a new album details on mulligan stew website CKUA
Bruce Cockburn Interview New Album – Rarities Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Waterwalker Bruce Cockburn Rarities
Bruce Cockburn Interview Complete Interview on mulligan stew podcast and TDM You Tube Channel
Avalon, my home town Bruce Cockburn Rarities
Bruce Cockburn Interview The New Album – Rarities Western Tour dates in Feb-on sale now
Ribbon of Darkness Bruce Cockburn Rarities
Bruce Cockburn on Mulligan Stew CKUA
Honey Babe, Let the deal go down Bruce Cockburn Rarities
Coming UP – Blue Rodeo – Dan Mangan Complete interview on Podcast and tdm YouTube Channel
RainO Susie Vinnick Fall Back Home
I think about you Blue Rodeo Many a Mile
Fire Escape Dan Mangan Being Somewhere
Mulligan Stew Year 27 playlist on mulligan stew website @tmulligan@ckua.com
Crazy Marcus King single
Hot or what? Mark Knopfler Studio Albums 2009-2018
Next week – Music of the Season and Christmas Eve Christmas in the Round Year 3
Lullaby Peitra Brown single
River Cafe and Deane House For Holiday plans check their websites
Wonderful World Sam Cooke Very best

December 10th, 2022 Brad Royale – Kitten Swish . It’s for your Mouth


Brad Royale –  Sommelier and Micro-Negotiant. ( Kitten Swish, Tomato Wheels, latest crushing list)


 “Like the first bottles released in 2012, all are limited-production, with quirky names and labels derived from photos taken by Royale. There’s Call Me, a 2016 Zinfandel from the renowned Stuhlmuller vineyard in Sonoma, California; the label features a rotary phone.

… and Below the Surface, a 2013 Tempranillo from Rioja, Spain, which features a photo of entwined bodies and is a tribute to the unsung heroes behind every bottle: the growers, printers, graphic designers, shippers, importers. “It’s about all that effort that we forget about when we just grab a bottle off the shelf,” Royale says. “This is a tip of the hat toward what goes into making a great bottle of wine.”

Shelley Boettcher  •  Swerve/Calgary Herald

(Cab Franc-Here and Gone)



Brad Royale is Head Sommelier for the Concorde Calgary restaurant group with venues ranging from pinball bars, to bbq smokehouses to very fine dinning at  Model Milk,  Bridgette Bar,  to the restaurant  of the year, Major Tom.  Just this week he was part of the team that opened a new restaurant Barbarella.

Brad Royale

Kitten Swish

Brad started ‘Swish in 2012 as a micro-negotiant company.  He works with small quantities of wine from estate producers They make the wine,  Brad makes a blend from their stock,  the team bottles it at the winery under the Kitten Swish label. Brad has wine imported into BC and Alberta.


The most recent was Piquette with Rhys Pender MW from Little Farm but he has bottled wines from Hungary (with John Szabo MS), USA, Spain, Germany, France, and British Columbia ( hopes to make a wine from the island next year).  And has a hand in designing the label artwork.  www.kittenswish.com


Tomato Wheels

A brand new project with a partner based in Vancouver, Moirae Choquette.   She heard the Kitten Swish story on a podcast and reached out to  Brad to help her design her own label.  She wanted Lambrusco!  (Don’t we all)  Brad helped her find a fourth-generation vineyard in Emilia Romagna, Italy and the wine began it’s journey.

A brand new order of that Lambrusco is landing right now in Alberta. www.tomatowheels.com


 (Little Farm/Kitten Swish  Piquette)


Brad talks about his current  “been crushing”  list

 – Belargus Anju Blanc (bought the Jo Pithon estate and making hard  Chenin)

Marchesseau Bourguiel (been crushing Loire Valley a lot in general lately…wicked value)

Domaine Wachau Gruner Veltliner Kellerberg (available in BC to, sick stuff)

– Aubert Chardonnay (recent visit to Vegas my mission was to taste as much as possible…it’s good to have goals)


We cover a lot of ground over the course of this TRR – some of these wines will be harder to find or access from outside Alberta BUT they are well worth the seeking!!

Unlike anything else, you’ll see and taste in your local store.  Promise.




The Launch of Q&A wines.

Holiday Wine Gifts

Wine Diva List Time

Hester Creek

The Five Bottle Bar

December 3rd, 2022- Luke  Whittall – The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 BC Wines


Luke  Whittall – The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines

Proudly Sponsored by Harbour Air


Confession Time. I’m half  a year late in getting this story to you.

Then one day, not too long ago a book arrived. Quietly.  On  a Tuesday!

It was smaller than most because it’s a pocketbook. Meant to be carried in a shoulder bag, glove compartment or back pocket.

The author is Luke Whittall. His first books were Valleys of Wine: A Taste of British Columbia’s Wine History and The Okanagan Tour Guide with John Schreiner.


He’s currently a wine instructor at Okanagan College and is involved with a valley wine.

Personally, Luke continues his own wine training with WSET.

Luke Whittall author

The Sipster’s Guide will surprise you.

It contains none of the usual tasting notes,  growing season info,  cellar hacks or wine scores.

It speaks to all in a language they can understand. Without dumbing down the knowledge.

And pairing?

You can choose a wine to  match your attitude. From happy to herbal.  From rock star to romantic.

The front inside cover has 50 choices.

Luke’s writing is such a surprise. For example, he doesn’t just sip and spit…

After opening a bottle, Luke lets it breathe while he cooks dinner or lunch to match the wine. Smart!

It’s a great read and a perfect gift for giving.

To yourself and those wine fans around you.

Sipster’s Guide Vol 2 comes out in the Spring!!


Luke has started a podcast.

You can find him on line at







The Launch of Q&A wines.

Tony Stewart and Winemaker Jamie Dowell

Lake Sonoma and Plume

Holiday Wine Gifts

Wine Diva List Time

Hester Creek

EP 234 | Art Bergmann (this time with his music)


Last week we presented our #233 Podcast – Art Bergmann and Author Jason Schneider.

This week it’s the same interview but with  MUSIC.

The conversation was like driving during rush hour at Le Mans

A three-way dialogue about punks, music, drugs, lost partners, the shit show called the music business, and friendships.

Thing is – it’s all contained in Art’s music.

And so, we’ve decided to encore the Bergmann interview but include the music that best reflects the man.

The man is goodness- in-a-can!!!

And Jason Schneider is a damn WRITER.

Here comes Episode #234


Mulligan Stew Dec 3rd 2022-The Start of The Christmas Cone


The Start of The Christmas Cone


Here’s what December and Mulligan Stew have in common.

We’re both like an ice cream cone.

Dec 1 we’re the tiny tip at the bottom but as the days come and go we get bigger and bigger until we become the delight  at the very top. Just-Like-A Cone!!

December is a season that really comes alive with music. Not the cheesy Christmas songs that get beaten into submission every year but the ones that cause reflection, kindness, and comfort.

It’s just the start of “a tingly feeling”

Here’s the tip of our Christmas Cone…

It starts with two live tracks

Bob Dylan and The Band  – All Along The Watchtower

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – An American Girl

Can you feel it….?

And then right back into an extended Duets Special – this time the songs requested by last week’s audience.

Taj Mahal  and Los Lobos

Jenn Grant and Kim Harris

Buddy and Julie Miller

Van Morrison and Georgie Fame

Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks

Sonny and Cher

Tina and Adams

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Ray Charles and BB King

We throw in some Tedeschi Trucks/Leon Bridges, Harrison Kennedy, Rhiannon Giddens, Stones, James Brown, The Beatles (Rubber Soul), Blue Rodeo, Angela Strehli, Delbert McClinton, and Faces.

And we finish with a remembrance of Christine McVie and Frank Zappa.

TDM and Frank Zappa

Have a great December. Going to be a hell of an ice cream cone



Mulligan Stew Terry Mulligan For The Bear
All along the Watchtower (live) Bob Dylan and The Band Before the Flood
American Girl (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live at the Fillmore
Never let you go Taj Mahal Los Lobos Maestro
Visit Coyotes Banff Check out their Happy Evenings Until Dec 16
Judy Jenn Grant and Kim Harris Judy
Gasoline and Matches Buddy Miller and Julie Miller Written in Chalk
The Stew – Year 27 find playlist on the mulligan stew website Coming UP The Stones and James Brown
You never can tell Angela Strehli Ace of Blues
Standing on shakey ground (live) Delbert McClinton Live from Austin
tmulligan@ckua.com stay in touch OK
Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
coming UP a double shot of James Brown and the Famous Flames
I got you James Brown and the Famous Flames James Brown
out of sight James Brown and the famous flames out of sight
Real real gone Van Morrison Enlightenment
CKUA On Demand Coming UP Beatles. Blue Rodeo
For no one The Beatles Rubber Soul
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey The Beatles Beatles for Sale
Diamond Mine Blue Rodeo Diamond Mine
Coming UP on The Stew Your Duets and Remembering Zappa Playlist at mulligan stew website
Okaland Stroke Tower of Power Back to Oakland
Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Coming UP – Listener Duets Or Stewettes, as it were.
Freedom Highway Rhiannon Giddens Freedom Highway
All I need is you Harrison Kennedy – Ruthie Foster – Colin LInden Thanks for Tomorrow
Miss Judys Farm Faces Nod is as good as a wink
Brown skinned girl Leon Bridges Coming Home (Deluxe)
Deane House and River Cafe – Google these folks – for the Holidays Thank You
Moondance Van Morrison and Georgie Fame Cool Cats Blues
Insider (live) Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks An American Treasure
I got you babe Sonny and Cher Best of
Its only love (live) Tina Turner and Bryan Adams Tina live in Europe
Last kind words blues Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raise the Roof
Sinner’s Prayer Ray Charles and BB King Genius Loves Company
The Stew Christmas Shows are coming Christmas in the Round With Barney Bentall and Friends
Gravity Tedeschi Trucks Band I am the Moon
Thanks for listening and donating check out mulligan stew website @tmulligan / tmulligan@ckua.com
Directly from my heart to you Frank Zappa Weasles ripped my flesh


EP 233 | Art Bergmann and Jason Schneider on new Biography ‘The Longest Suicide’


Terry David Mulligan talks with Canada’s punk poet laureate, Art Bergmann has been tearing up stages, and terrifying the music industry, for half a century. Often referred to as “Canada’s Lou Reed,” Art’s story is one of rock and roll’s great tales untold. Until now. From his days helping to lay the foundation of the Vancouver punk scene with The K-Tels, to his acclaimed solo work in the ’80s and ’90s, and a late career resurgence that has culminated with being named to the Order of Canada, The Longest Suicide chronicles every unlikely twist and turn Art’s life has taken.

Jason Schneider

Working with veteran music journalist Jason Schneider, Art lays it all out in his own inimitable way, with dozens of people who took part adding their own voices to corroborate (and sometimes dispute) the often-incredible chain of events. With cameos by John Cale, Bob Rock, The Clash, Bob Geldof and many others, The Longest Suicide is both a triumphant story of personal survival, as well as a unique glimpse inside the rise of alternative rock. Above all, it is a tribute to Canada’s most unheralded singer-songwriter, whose greatness is only now being widely recognized.



Illustrated throughout.

From the Introduction:
“The story of Art Bergmann’s career is perceived by many to be a succession of failures, but the story of Art’s life? If Art doesn’t have the best story, it is always the most magical.”
— Michael Turner, author of Hard Core Logo

Praise for The Longest Suicide:
“ a brisk, plain-spoken and thoroughly well-researched rip through the genuinely wild, wildlife of a genuinely committed rock-’n’-roller.”
— The Toronto Star

Mulligan Stew November 26th- Duets


The theme for this stew came from The donors for the first hour.

They suggested “Duets” – “hey, let’s do great duets

And then a sepia-colored email came in ..like parchment paper.

With 20 suggestions.

So I put my duets together with their duets and VOILA we have our First Duets Special.

  • BB King and The Rolling Stones
  • Linda Ronstadt AND Aaron Neville
  • Dolly, Emmylou, and Linda – a Trio duo
  • Buddy Guy and Mavis Staples
  • Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto
  • Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris
  • Tony Bennett and Willie Nelson
  • Allison Ruddell and Brandi Carlile
  • John Prine and Iris Dement
  • Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
  • BARK and Serena Ryder
  • Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan
  • Serena Ryder and William Prince
  • Bros. Landreth and Mariel Buckley
  • Delaney and Bonnie
  • John Mellencamp and Michelle Ndegeocello


Ben Harper/Bobbie Gentry/Lonnie Mack/Leonard Cohen Live/Suzie Vinnick/Nathaniel Rateliff/New Bruce Springsteen/New Ron Sexsmith/Larkin Poe/Marianne Faithful/Bahamas.


Art Bergmann – punk poet laureate and legend.  Order of Canada Recipient

And  Author Jason Schneider, whose new book is Authorized Biography of Art Bergmann – The Longest Suicide  will both guest on

The Mulligan Stew Podcast and the Terry David Mulligan YouTube Channel.

Art’s story is one of rock and rolls great tales untold.

Until now.


Mulligan Stew – Doing Duets Terry Mulligan playlist – mulligan stew website
Paying the cost to be the Boss BB King and The Rolling Stones Deuces Wild
Ain’t no Mountain Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell Greatest Duets
Black Sheep Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – Serena Ryder Kings and Queens
Don’t know much Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville Cry like a Rainstorm
The Stew Year 27 TDMulligan Playlist on Mulligan Stew Website
Welcome back Coyotes Banff Happy Evenings in Banff to Dec 16th
Wild Night John Mellencamp . Michelle Ndegeocello Dance Naked
The Travelling Kind Rodney Crowell. EmmmyLou Harris The Travelling Kind
You’re not alone Allison Russell. Brandi Carlile You’re not alone
We go back Buddy Guy – Mavis Staples The blues don’t lie
Doing the Duets Mulligan Stew Playlist – mullligan stew website
bring it on home to me Sam Cooke (Lou Rawls) The man who invented soul
Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio Art Bergmann on MulliganStew Podcast also tdm youtube channel
Only the strong survive Bruce Springsteen Only the strong survive
Ballad of Lucy Jordan Marianne Faithful Thelma and Lousie Sndtrck
Diamond Wave Ron Sexsmith single
Deep stays down Larkin Poe Blood Harmony
The Stew with tdmulligan playlist at mulligan stew website NEXT – Emmylou.linda.dolly.cash.dylan
After the Goldrush Dolly. EmmyLou. Linda Ronstadt Trio Two
Big River Johnny Cash – Bob Dylan Travelling Through. Dylan Bootleg Vol 15
The Stew Hour Two is Next playlist at mulliganstew website
Coming Up in Hour Two of the Stew More Duets Delaney & Bonnie – John Prine & Iris Dement Tony Bennet and Willie Nelson & more
Love Don’t Nathaniel Rateleff & Night Sweats The Future
I got you babe Bahamas Barchords
Lift you up Suzie Vinnick Lift you up
Tower of Song (live) Leonard Cohen Live in London
River of tears Serena Ryder & William Prince River of Tears
Coming UP on The Stew Clapton Live. Delaney and Bonnie. Lonnie Mack playlist on Mulligan Stew website
Welcome back Deane House & River Cafe Thank you for the support deanehouse.com rivercafe.com
Crossroads (live) Eric Clapton Nothing but the blues Live
Only you know and I know Delaney and Bonnie Delaney and Bonnie Together
In spite of ourselves John Prine and Iris Dement In spite of ourselves
California Bonnie LightHorseman Someone to weep for me
Further on up the road Lonnie Mack Chickin Picken
TDMulligan The Stew Year 27 Next Podcast Art Bergmann & Jason Schneider
Ode to Billy Joe Bobbie Gentry Ode to Billy Joe
When I call your name Bros. Landreth and Mariel Buckley Something New. Something Blue
Sunny side of the street Tony Bennett and Willie Nelson Duets Two
Need to know basis Ben Harper Bloodline Maintenance
Girl from Ipanema Stan Getz – Joao & Astrud Giberto Bossa Nova Years