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EP 192 | Billy Joel 1988

Two Words – Billy Joel. One of the very few singing piano players who transcend the law of popular music.  There’s Elton John, Harry Connick, Leon Russell, Randy Newman, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino etc. Billy grew up on Long Island..in the shadow of NYC. Determined to play piano and write songs Billy...

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Mulligan Stew Jan 22nd 2022-Happy Birthday Sam Cooke

We celebrate the birthday Saturday of Sam Cooke. Born Jan 22 1931. The celebration includes Sam’s songs, his voice, and his influence on multiple generations of artists. Those influenced would make up their own two-hour show. We include….. Amy Winehouse Sam and Dave Rod Stewart Neville Brothers Mavis Staples & Cat Stevens Then we open...

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January 22nd, 2021- The 5th and final week of Okanagan Reconnect

The 5th and final week of Okanagan Reconnect Presented by The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association   THE SHOW We come to the last show in a series that started August 21st (you remember August, right?) The master plan was to reconnect with the people,  wineries and food of the Okanagan after a two-year hiatus. So...

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January 15th, 2022- Week Four of our Okanagan Reconnect (OK Falls)

Week Four of our Okanagan Reconnect (OK Falls) Presented by The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association The SHOW   Because… Tasting Room Radio started its audio life in a studio in a barn on the Naramata Bench and… Hadn’t been back to the Okanagan since  Fall 2019 and the pandemic kept us from returning,  it was...

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Mulligan Stew Jan 15th 2022- Ronnie Spector Tribute

Ronnie Spector has left the stage. Gone but never forgotten.  Leaving Ronettes hits like… Be my baby (The best part of) Breakin’ Up Baby, I love you Timeless. It’s where Brian Wilson went to cool school. Amy Winehouse was pure Ronnie. From the hair to the sound. Huge, raw voice. With an attitude. But one...

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EP 191 | Chief Clarence Louie ‘Rez Rules’

Here’s what you might know about Chief Clarence… CLARENCE LOUIE has been chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band, in the south Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, for almost 40 years. In 2013, Maclean’s named him one of the “Top 50 Canadians to Watch.” In 2003, Louie was chosen by the U.S. Department of State as one of six First Nations leaders to review...

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EP 190 | Brent Butt

Hey kids. What’s the secret of great comedy?   TIMING. Just as we were starting to post our latest podcast, this weeks  guest Brent Butt posted this message: Sorry for the Butt Bummer. However, we have some great news. Brent Butt, star of Corner Gas will still be the special guest of the MulliganStew Podcast. After all,...

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Mulligan Stew Jan 8th 2022- Happy Birthday Elvis and David Bowie! (Special Guest-David Bowie)

When you think about the history of popular music – especially Rock & Roll, the names of Elvis Presley and David Bowie are always at the top of the list. Amazingly, they were born on the same day Jan 8  – Elvis in 1935 and David Bowie 1947. I thought it was time to have...

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January 8th, 2022- The Okanagan Reconnect Week Three. South Okanagan

The Okanagan Reconnect Week Three. South Okanagan (Presented by Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association) THE SHOW What an adventure. Talking, traveling, and tasting our way through the Okanagan. Moon Curser is our home base this week. Spectacular place! What a great winery Beata and Chris Tolley have created. They’ll join us for a sit-down interview in...

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Mulligan Stew Dec 31st 2021- Goodbye 2021… Hello 2022

For me…2022 will be about trying to find “balance” in my life. Between my love of what I do and the complete love of my growing family. So, to start a brand new year, after two chaotic ones, you and I start with a playlist that’s balanced. Between tracks and artists that made an impression...

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