March 29th 2014- Argentina!


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10 days touring Argentina’s wine regions!

A Regional Tasting in Buenos Aires. The tasting and spitting  through the vineyards in Patagonia and Mendoza.
along the way we ate perhaps,  a whole cow!
These are the tour highlights Part One. 


 This was a whole bunch of fun. Yes there were 32 wineries and over 300 wines tasted but what really made it fun was the attitude and character of the Argentines themselves.
Argentina vines meet the Andes
Really fine people who do everything with passion.
Located in the Southern Cone of the American Continent, with a population of 42 million inhabitants and a territory that is four times larger than France, Argentina is one of the world’s nature reserves. Privileged with outstanding natural richness and extraordinarily diverse landscapes, Argentina boasts high mountains and plains, lush vegetation and extreme deserts, forests and steppes, glaciers and waterfalls.
This wealth of natural ecosystems includes vast, highly productive grape growing regions stretching at the foot of the Andean strip, to the West of the country, from latitude 22° south to latitude 42° south. The cultivated area covers more than 538,071 acres.
It is in this context, and in the course of five centuries, that Argentina has developed such an extraordinary wine industry. The altitude, the wide range of temperatures, the local know-how, the new technologies and a deeply-rooted popular wine culture lend our wines their unique identity and quality.
The objective over the two weeks was to taste and experience the stories of the people who made the wines.

Wall to Wall Malbec

Wall to Wall Malbec

We started with a tasting in downtown Buenos Aires. Featured were wine regions we wouldn’t get to, including Salta.
It was important to get an overview of Argentina today and when I met Master of Wine Andres Rosberg I knew I had my narrator.
Guests visited include:
Julio Viola – Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo and NQN in Patagonia.  
Julio Viola

Julio Viola

Thomas Christan – Secreto Patagonico  
Jose Alberto Zuccardi – Familia Zuccardi is one of the World’s Best known winemaking families. In Mendoza.  
Jose Alberto Zuccardi

Jose Alberto Zuccardi

Susana Balbo – Domino Del Plata.  Makers of Crios and Ben Marco.
(the first female winemaker in Argentina)
Susana Balbo with the next generation of Balbo

Susana Balbo with the next generation of Balbo

Guillermo Barzi – Humberto Canale.   In the Province of Rio Negro. In 27 countries but especially Canada.  
Familia Barzi at Humberto Canali

Familia Barzi at Humberto Canali


World Malbec Day is Thursday April 17th.  On Saturday April 19th we’ll present TRR Tour of Argentina Two.  It concludes at the annual Argentina Wine Awards.

 Steven SpurrierParis show of 1976 and Decanter Magazine
Bruce SchonfeldTravel and Leisure Magazine Wine and Spirits Editor
Magdalene PesceWines of Argentina
DJ KearneyWine Educator and Judge
Paul HobbsWinemaker in California and Argentina

Even the cellars are spectacular

Even the cellars are spectacular

Juan Jose CanayPresident of Bodegas de Argentina
Catena Zapata
Dona Paula
Catena Zapata
Vina Cobos
Secreto Patagonia
and many more…