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June 25th, 2022 – Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out!


Our yearly Pinot Noir Geek Out – with  15 top experts and a  Pinot  Blind Tasting!

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 Bordeaux is made by man, Pinot Noir by God.

Pinot Noir may not be the most planted grape in the World but no other varietal even comes close to the dialogue that takes place between winemakers and wine fans about the place of Pinot in today’s wine world.

Whether they love Pinot Noir or not, wine people all have an opinion on this grape. Described as the diva of the wine world”, it takes a really focused winemaker and farmer to grow, harvest, and cellar this beauty.

The payoff is spectacular.

Notes and flavors of Clove, Cherry, Mushroom, Floral, Soil, Tea, Vanilla, blackberry, and plum. Lush and lengthy.

High acidity and lower tannin make Pinot Noir perfectly paired with pork, mushrooms, duck, and chicken.

I’ve been doing Pinot Noir interviews for 15 years and I’m still learning from the many stories being told.

I’ve gone back into the Tasting Room Radio files to share some of the stories and people who’ve stayed with me over the years.

Check this out:

Nigel Greening – Owner Felton Road Winery (Central Otago NZ)

Nigel Greening Felton Road NZ

Grant Stanley – Spearhead (South East Kelowna)

Grant Stanley

Mike Rathjen – Rathjen Cellars (Saanich)

Daniel Dragert – Kutatas (Salt Spring Island)

Layne Craig – 40 Knots (Comox)

Barb and Ian Phillip – wine educators  (Vancouver)

Christina Coletta –  Okanagan Crush Pad/Haywire (Summerland)

Chris Turyk – Unsworth (Cowichan Valley)

JAK Meyer – Meyer Family Vineyards (OK Falls/Skaha)

David Patterson  – Tantalus Vineyards (South East Kelowna)

Kurtis Kolt – Wine Educator – Judge – Sommelier (Vancouver)

Vikram Vij –  Chef – Author  (Vancouver)

This pinot noir  special concludes with a Blind Tasting of 2018 Pinots

It was organized by John Glavina – the owner of Giant Head Winery in Summerland. John wanted to include several of his pinots to discover how they stood up to the competition. (He didn’t tell anyone that his wines were in the mix)

Tasting on the day were two of the very best wine minds.  Great guys.

John Schreiner – The Dean of Canadian wine writers (15 books in total) Master Blogger.

TDM. John Schreiner. Brent Gushowaty

Brent Gushowaty – A Pinot specialist. Founder of

I was delighted to be judging in such fine company.

The discussion went on for several hours and I’ve done my best to edit the prime points down into a segment of the show.

I couldn’t get all the comments on the blind wines when revealed but we did talk about the top two and several others not in the room.

The Pinot Noir poured on the day were…

2018 Giant Head Estate Winery Flagship Pinot Noir

2018 Fox and Archer – Brent G. choice

2019  Canyonview Wines Brand – CVW – Pinot Noir

2018 Spearhead- Saddle Block Vineyard

2018 Lake Breeze Aura

2018 giant head Pinot Noir Reserve

The segment is memorable just to hear the conversation between John Schreiner and Brent Gushowaty.

I thank John Glavina for the invitation for myself and the microphone plus John & Brent for the Pinot Masterclass. I also thank Harbour Air for the beautiful trip over and back.




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The Hatch/Jason Parkes Customs

Moon Curser



Clos du Soleil

Aug 4 Cowichan Pour

Sperling Vineyards

Scorched Earth

Robert Belcham /Cooks Camp

Bill Jones – Shrooms



November 26th, 2016- ” I’ll have what shes having!”


Tasting Room Radio Post Banner B

DJ Kearney brings  New District wine collections called Bubble-licious and “I’ll have what she’s having” for The Holidays.

The final  results of the 9th BC Iconic Reds with John Schreiner and Simon Wosk.

Restaurants under the radar – Todd Braiden at Fat Jacks Boston Bar.  Dude!

Emandare ups the bar in the Cowichan Valley.  Mike and Robin Nierychlo guest!



DJ Kearney –  Director of Wine/New District



dj kearney- new district

New District’s philosophy is about curation  and it informs everything they do. They  do the leg work for you, to expertly hone in on what matters to you in the world of wine.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter that carefully selects their  best bottles, articles and multimedia content, giving subscribers unique insights into British Columbia’s dynamic emerging wine culture.

And best of all The Curator is DJ Kearney, the best wine educator and expert in the business.

Deej has two offerings this she has the scoop on their new Store at 41st and Dunbar.

Holiday Bubble-Licious.  3 Wines.


I’ll have what she’s having For The Holidays.  6 Winter Weight  Wines. All handpicked by DJ.


Check out what’s inside the boxes..



9th annual BC Iconic Reds – John Schreiner  and Simon Wosk


john-schreiner and-the duke-of-earl

 The BC Iconic Reds took place on November 16.   John Schreiner,  organizer Simon Wosk  and up to 80  attendees tasted everything in the room and chose the Top Five Releases  at The Sutton Place Hotel.

2016 Iconic Reds tasting

2016 Iconic Reds tasting

2016  contenders were:

  • Church and State Quintessential 2010
  • CedarCreek Platinum Meritage 2013
  • Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2013
  • Clos Du Soleil Signature Red 2013
  • Mission Hill Compendium 2012
  • Laughing Stock Portfolio 2014
  • Cassini Cellars Maximus 2012
  • Hester Creek The Judge 2012
  • Painted Rock Red Icon 2014
  • Lake Breeze Tempest 2012
  • Black Hills Nota Bene 2014
  • Poplar Grove Legacy 2012
  • Mission Hill Quatrain 2012
  • Culmina Hypothesis 2012
  • La Stella Fortissimo 2014
  • Summerhill “OM” 2012
  • NK’Mip Mer’r’iym 2014
  • Lariana Thirteen 2013
  • Perseus Invictus 2013


To find out how the final five won..just listen to the show.

 Our congratulations to Randy Pickton, Justin Hall and their team at NK’Mip Cellars for their first place finish and to all participating wineries for producing such exceptional wines.

 The top 5 scorers, as chosen by attending  tasters, were:      

  1. NK’Mip Mer’r’iym 2014


  1. Laughing Stock Portfolio 2014


  1. Clos du Soleil Signature Red 2013


  1. Cassini Maximus 2012


  1. Hester Creek The Judge 2012


Here’s John Shreiners  blog on the competition..

John Schreiner

John Schreiner

Restaurants Under The Radar – Todd Braiden at Fat Jacks Pub  Boston Bar

 I had two thoughts..that there are lots of chefs and restaurants that are my favourites  but some of them – for whatever reason – are below the public’s radar.

I’m torn doing these interviews because I want them to stay available but I also want to let you know they exist and are worth the seeking.



You may remember hearing about a chef who was cooking in Vancouver’s East End in an apartment and you had to find him by word of mouth..the experience was called 2B (the name of the apartment where he cooked.)

One day..he quietly left town and announced he was headed for Boston the Frazer Canyon.  Didn’t make sense right?  But if you knew Todd you just had to believe that he knew what he was doing and wished him luck.

todd baiden-fat-jacks

Years later he’s cooking up a storm 6 kms East of Boston Bar at a diner/pub  called Fat Jacks, named after his Father.

He brought the adjoining  Mighty Fraser Motel, back to life and made it a destination stop. Really good rooms.

The man has a wicked  sense of humour and its reflected in the menu.

He also has a bar next door and pours select BC craft Beer.

Both rooms have a BC wine list and any music playing in the bar or bistro  is the best of the best.


We  welcome to TRR – The Hell Raiser of Hell’s Canyon  Todd from 2B


Mike and Robin Nierychlo   – Emandare Vineyards  (Cowichan Valley)

 Mike has always been around the wine business..I first met him when he was doing a wine interview show.

Then he and his wife Robin announced that they had purchased a working vineyard in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island




A number of years ago, Mike developed an overwhelming passion for wine. He began to spend every available moment nerding out on all things wine-related! This inevitably led to home wine-making in their garage, and many, many other wine adventures.

As Mike explored the vast world of wine, a desire to one day own a winery was born. Although this dream seemed unrealistic, there was always a sense of possibility.

On Sept. 28, 2013, in the pouring rain, he and Robin  moved onto their  8.5 acre adventure.    They named it Emandare after their last names. M & R.

 “they’re also pioneers on the all-natural front—no irrigation, no commercial yeasts, organic farming techniques, and the bare minimum of sulfur. So far the results are stunning—the future of Island wine rests here.”  Neal McLennan  Vancouver Magazine

We taste and talk the  portfolio of wines of Emandare at Marquis Wine Cellars in Vancouver.



We take a look inside The Hatch.

Feature interview with Jason Parkes  Winemaker/Troublemaker